Releasing Cassis v0.9

Written by erik - 16 july 2012

Hello everybody,

My first post in english will be dedicated to my first release of Cassis. Cassis is a two-player game that is based on graph theory. Six points are displayed on the screen. Each player at his/her turn adds an edge between two of the points. The first player who makes a triangle with his/her own color loses.

I am releasing Cassis for the Android platform (Android 2.3+ required). You will find here a link to the apk file to install. Cassis is released under the GPLv3 license. The source code (C++) is available on github. In the source code, you will also find a version for Linux that I used as a prototype. I can post a binary for debian squeeze if needed.

The Android version is fully written in C++. There is no java code involved. This is made possible by the use of the NDK and the NativeActivity interface. I actually developped Cassis as a first look into C++ programming for Android. You will most likely not be able to compile the apk by yourself since it depends on two external libraries that are not included: android-cairo and libpng-android. I will post later some more development informations.

Cassis is in version 0.9 because there are many things I still want to do:

  • Separate cairo and libpng as a shared library (does any body knows how to do that?)
  • A two-player mode
  • Two more level of difficulty
  • A proper icon

Have fun.

Screenshot: screenshot.

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